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We can remove sediment build-up from existing ponds and lakes and repair leaking or damaged dams. We are  experienced lake and pond contractors with the knowlege to handle the process of obtaining permits, renovating, designing and building the lake or pond you need.  We are the number one pond contractor in Texas.
You will almost always find that an unsuccessful pond or lake is the result of a contractor that lacked experience or integrity.  At Cedar Beetle Water Improvements we are pond to say that we have an abundance of both.
Make sure you check your contractor's references...experience makes a difference. We have lost count of the number of times we have been hired to renovate a leaking lake. In most cases the contractor's failure to produce a well-built lake could have been avoided with either proper soil testing or better construction management.

Selecting a poor site is often the result of a contractor's inadequate site investigation and could have been avoided. Excessive seepage in ponds is generally due to a poor site, that is, one where the soils in the impounding area are too permeable to hold water. We will not tell the land owner what they want to hear just to get a job.
What did the original contractor do wrong?  We are the right choice for a Texas Pond Contractor.
If your current lake or pond is eroding we have the knowledge and equipment to reverse the damage, after which we might suggest the installation of vegetation. A good contractor will suggest that trees, shrubs, herbs, and grasses be planted during or soon after construction. Their functions include erosion control,         screening, space, definition, climate control, and wildlife habitat.
In many areas the exposed surfaces of the dam, the spillway, borrow areas, and other disturbed surfaces can be protected from erosion by establishing a good cover of sod-forming grasses. Varieties growing naturally in the surrounding landscape are good candidates for new plantings because they blend visually with their surroundings and are often less costly to establish. The pond or lake vegetation should be able to survive under prevailing conditions with minimum maintenance.

As soon after construction as practicable we can prepare a seedbed, usually by disking or harrowing. Seed with mixtures of perennial grasses and legumes adapted to local soil and climatic conditions and fertilize. If construction is completed when the soils are too dry for the seeds to germinate, we can irrigate the soils to ensure prompt germination and continued growth. Mulching with a thin layer of straw, fodder, old hay, asphalt, or one of several commercially manufactured materials may be desirable. Mulching not only protects the newly prepared seedbed, seeds, or small plants from rainfall damage but also conserves moisture and provides conditions favorable for germination and growth.

Consult with your contractor, if protection is desired sooner than seeding provides, we can sod the area. Sodding by sprigging or broadcasting rootstalks and stolons gives good results with bermudagrass and other grasses in favorable climates. In other areas, direct planting of sod in strips or solid covers is practical. We can provide clients with a planting plan indicating the species, distribution, and functions of the vegetation.
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In some places excessive removal of the soil mantle during construction, usually to provide material for the embankment, exposes highly porous material such as sand, gravel, or rock containing cracks, crevices, or channels. This usually can be avoided by carefully selecting the source of embankment material. This is why quality control during the construction phase, as well as an experienced contractor, is so crucial. We own our equipment and do not use subcontractors to move dirt. We are on site for every scoop of soil that comes out of your pond or lake. Constructing a lake or pond is much more complex than just digging a hole in the ground.
In some places no ideal site for lake or pond construction is available (and we will tell you this right away) but the need or desire for water is great enough to justify using a site that is somewhat less than perfect. If so, the original pond design must include plans for reducing seepage by sealing. We are based in the Texas Hill Country and many of our lakes and ponds had to be sealed using clay or liners. We are VERY experienced at using sealants. Each case is different, and the ideal sealant varies with the job.
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Some information was taken from a publication of U.S Dept of Agriculture Handbook # 590 and from Texas Farm Ponds: Stocking, Assessment, and Management Recommendations by the Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.
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